Differing Roles in Cinderella- Prince

The only thing I want to talk about with the prince is the fact that he has more initiative in the original story. In the movie, the prince is just there to look good. He has no personality and he doesn’t do anything for himself. On the other hand, in the original, the prince is the one who goes searching for his bride, instead of sending out one of his servants. Each night after the ball, the prince asks who she is and actively tries to find her. We see none of this initiative in the movie. I’m not sure why Disney chose to make Cinderella’s prince do nothing. Perhaps it was to keep the main focus on Cinderella. It does send a message though; it doesn’t matter what the personality of your husband is, as long as he is good looking you should be happy.

Cinderella’s Prince, as seen in the Disney movie:



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