Conclusion for Cinderella

As you can see, the Grimm Brother’s original version of Cinderella greatly differs from Disney’s portrayal. Disney definitely cut out the graphic scenes in order to make it child appropriate. In addition to this, they changed up the role of family in the story and the role of other main characters. What is their reason for doing this? Perhaps Disney simply wanted to create their own version of the tale. Or, perhaps they were trying to fit in the messages they want kids to take from the tale. Either way, the changes Disney made are not seen as changes, but rather, accepted as the true story. Cinderella went from a story of reward/punishment based on behavior to a story of needing a man in order for your life to be complete. Nobody questions these changes because a lot of people believe these tales originated with Disney. The differences found in the movie add in a lot more gender stereotyping and has changed the values that children take from the story.

Disney’s Cinderella:



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