Relationship with the Prince

There is a terrible storm in which the Prince falls out of the boat and begins to drown in the sea in both versions. Little Mermaid rescues him and brings him to land. By doing this, she falls in love and this makes her long to be human. It is important to note, however, that in the original, she longed to visit the human world long before she met the prince. Meeting him only amplified her desire and fueled her determination. When Little Mermaid became human, the prince found her and brought her to his castle. This is where the story begins to differ. In the movie, the prince falls in love with Little Mermaid. Although she cannot talk, her beauty enchants him and eventually they get married (we will talk about the endings later). In Anderson’s version, the prince loves Little Mermaid as much as one loves a “dear good child”. He never imagines making her queen, and he called her his “little foundling”. Little Mermaid slept outside his room on a pillow and he took her everywhere with him. They did various activities together and she never left his side. Little Mermaid was madly in love with him, but he loved her in a different way. In the end, they do not get married.

Perhaps Disney made this drastic change because they wanted to promote a happy ending. However, by doing so, Disney is saying that looks are the most important thing. Despite the fact that Little Mermaid cannot talk, the prince still falls madly in love with her and doesn’t care she can’t talk. In the original, the prince never falls madly in love with her, even though she is the most beautiful and graceful child.

The prince, as seen in the Disney movie:




The prince and Little Mermaid, as depicted in Hans Christian Andersen’s version:



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