As you can see from the previous in-depth comparisons, Disney made quite a few changes when they adapt classic fairytales into movies. It is understandable that they want to make these tales child appropriate, seeing as their target market is children. They feel the need to make the tales suitable for family viewing and don’t want to raise controversy. In more cases than not, Disney changes the main message of the fairytales they adapt. I think Disney changes the stories in order to put the values that they deem important. Because Disney is such a big and influential company, the values they instill are engrained in our youth. Disney knows the impact they have and they use it to their advantage. This brings up questions of Disney’s beliefs. How do we know they are what’s best for our children? Who gets to decide what is important for children to learn? I hope this comparison between originals and movies opened your eyes to just how much Disney changes. I also hope it makes you question the values Disney chooses to put in their movies for the youth to see and learn. The effect Disney has on children is so great that we really need to be cautious about what exactly they are instilling in them.



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